OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster 250

The biomaster line of premium exterior filters are good for marine and freshwater aquariums. The biomaster 250 boasts 4-stage filtration in a compact design. Biological, mechanical, chemical, and prefiltration all work collectively to offer your aquarium with optimum water high quality and readability. The biomaster filters are designed with sealed filtration pathways to make sure water move is getting the complete advantages of prefiltration, filter media for clearer water, hel-x biomedia present a big suspended settlement floor for microorganisms, and activated carbon for supreme nutrient discount and removing of poisons. The straightforward clear pre-filter module will be eliminated and cleaned individually from the remainder of the filter for prime effectivity and to increase the lifetime of your filter. The water move Can simply be adjusted on each the inlet and outlet adapters for the filter. Created for handy placement underneath the aquarium. Install the included diffuser and spray bar for uniform floor motion and extra dissolved oxygen for supreme water high quality. This filter Also encompasses a N deal with for easy shifting and upkeep. This energy-efficient design features a self-priming perform for straightforward operation on startup and after cleansing. Includes a shut-off automation with built-in test valve to forestall leakage when cleansing the filter. Designed utilizing German engineering and manufactured in Italy, this quiet working filter is supported by an included 3 12 months guarantee with a free 1 12 months guarantee extension with on-line product to customise your pre-filter by combining coarse, Fine, extremely Fine, and activated carbon filter foams.

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  • Includes 4-stage filtration: biological, mechanical, chemical, and prefiltration
  • Hel-x, suspended Filter media, creates the optimal surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • The sealed filtration pathway allows you to get the full benefits from all 4-stages of filtration
  • The easy clean prefilter module can be removed separately from the rest of the filter for simple cleaning and to extend the life of your filter
  • All Life Stages
OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster 250
OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster 250
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