emours Aquarium Driftwood Fish Tank Decoration (XLarge(11 to 14 inches in Length))

Made of excessive grade driftwood, stable and sturdy, lengthy lasting in underwater or arid environments . Authentic pure wooden provides life like magnificence. Visual selection – no two items are alike. Small dimension:sizes varies approx 5 inch size or much less. Medium: size 5 ~ 9 inch ;Large dimension: size 9 ~12 inch . XLarge dimension: varies from 11 to 14 inches in size . Your driftwood will shortly turn into the focus of your aquarium decor .fish like a driftwood shelter for hiding .Pretreatment: To make sure the driftwood have a greater sinkable impact , you’d higher pretreatment the driftwood earlier than you place the driftwood into water: 1)Boiling in water for 1 to 2 hours with soda or salt ,the water colour will turn into darkish trigger it releases tannins 2)Boiling the driftwood with water once more ( advisable 3 occasions, 1 hours every time till the tannins completely releases. Package included: 1pcs driftwood

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  • Authentic natural wood adds realistic beauty.Unique shapes that adds to the aesthetic value of the tank
  • About the float. Driftwood may not sink into water sometimes which caused by the density issue. We can’t guarantee that 100% of the driftwood can sink into water. Instruction: Better boiling it in hot water for 1-2 hours.Afterwards, completely submerge the wood in a bucket with water, weighing it down with something i.e. a rock , heavy glass cup etc, until it doesn't float anymore when the weight is taken off.
  • Visual variety - no two pieces are alike.Sizes varies from 10 to 15 inches in length.Each pieces are carefully selected, the pictures shown are only some of the driftwoods, what you get may be different from pictures show.
  • Your driftwood will quickly become the focal point of your aquarium decor. Nocturnal fish,ghost shrimp and smaller fish like a driftwood shelter for hiding
emours Aquarium Driftwood Fish Tank Decoration (XLarge(11 to 14 inches in Length))
emours Aquarium Driftwood Fish Tank Decoration (XLarge(11 to 14 inches in Length))
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