API STRESS COAT Aquarium Water Conditioner 5-Gallon Bottle

Using API STRESS COAT Freshwater Aquarium Water Conditioner Treatment, you may rapidly and simply create a secure atmosphere in your freshwater fish. This conditioner is scientifically confirmed to cut back fish stress by 40% and heal torn fins and pores and skin wounds whereas selling tissue regeneration. It is designed to neutralize chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals in faucet water and in addition accommodates aloe vera to switch the pure slime coat that may be misplaced because of dealing with, transport, or combating. Recommended by skilled fish handlers, API Aquarium merchandise are rigorously formulated to take care of a wholesome and hospitable atmosphere for a wide range of fish, from tropical group fish to cichlids and goldfish. With these merchandise, you may simply management algae, promote wholesome micro organism, and assist heal fish ailments reminiscent of ich and fin rot, so you may spend extra time admiring your fish and fewer time scrubbing the tank.

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  • Makes tap water safe and protects fish with dual-action formula
  • Removes chemicals from tap water that are harmful to fish
  • Replaces fish’s protective coat damaged by handling, shipping or fish fighting with healing power of Aloe Vera extract
  • Use when adding or changing water, when adding new fish and when fish are sick or injured
API STRESS COAT Aquarium Water Conditioner 5-Gallon Bottle
API STRESS COAT Aquarium Water Conditioner 5-Gallon Bottle
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