1 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank,Rimless Aquarium Tank,7.8″ L × 6.3″ H × 5.5″ W

Warm suggestions: after the fish tank is obtained, it must be cleaned with salt combined with heat water and soaked for one or two days (not less than one night time). The objective is to strive whether or not the fish tank has water leakage. Remember that the underside of the fish tank shouldn’t be suspended to keep away from the fish tank breaking. If you’ve any issues, please contact us in time and we’ll enable you to remedy them as quickly as potential.

  • Hot bending glass technology, open vision, bring you immersive viewing experience
  • The edge of the fish tank is highly polished to ensure that the size of each piece of glass is consistent, and without hurting hands
  • The highest level of craftsmanship and quality materials give you a clear view of the true colors of fish and coral crystals
  • Fish tank specification:7.8" L × 6.3" H × 5.5" W (1 gallon)
1 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank,Rimless Aquarium Tank,7.8
1 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank,Rimless Aquarium Tank,7.8" L × 6.3" H × 5.5" W
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